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Solve Data Problems

Many say "Data is King" and in this day and age - that saying is more true than you can imagine.

Your data defines and guides you - and nothing sucks more than when your data is incorrect, inaccessible, hard to extract or hard to understand.

Our almost 20 years of experience working with, extracting, defining and making data available is one of our core points of expertise and our goal is to make your data better.

Connect with your Customers

Your customers are important and we recognize that. They are the lifeblood of your business and as such becomes one of the most important aspects of any solution we provide.

Our goal is to help you connect with your customers better. Whether that is through a new website or allowing your customers the ability to access the data they need - we have the experience to help you connect with your customers at numerous levels.

Improve Internal Processes

Nothing is more painful to deal with than a process that you know is taking too long. When you know something that should only take 1 or 2 steps is taking 3,4,5 times as long - then you know you need help - and that is where we come in.

Over the past 20 years - we have helped numerous businesses better understand their internal processes and come up with solutions supported by technology to cut down process time, improve organizational efficiency and reduce costs.

A little about us

Created in 2008 - Backgrount refers to itself as a boutique digital agency. We love to solve digital problems for small to mid-size businesses. We have seen it all, nothing surprises us, and we ensure things actually work.

At the helm is Adile Abbadi-MacIntosh a 20 year veteran of the online digital world. Having developed numerous solutions ranging from simple websites to custom internal data management applications - Adile has the experience to deliver on the solutions Backgrount produces.

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